Welcome to Brixoft

Welcome to the home of Brixoft™ Software. Here you'll find creative software for web development and programming. Some of our tools are free to use and others are free to try.

Brixoft Source Edit is a FREE award winning editor especially made for developers. It has syntax highlighters for all the most common computer languages and if you miss one you easily create your own with the built-in Language Editor. 
Brixoft File Courier is a FTP client application distributed together with Source Edit. 
HexSource is a free hex editor that is distributed together with Source Edit. The source code is available and distributed according to the GNU license agreement. 
With Brixoft Add-in Editor you can create new features for Source Edit in a snap. You don't need to learn the syntax for Brixoft Markup Language (BML), instead simply drag & drop actions to create the script. Get the future of script coding today. 
EzQuery is a great tool to test your SQL queries with. Connect to any OLEDB database and use the syntax highlighting editor to type in the query and hit the Run button. 

Upcoming Products
Brixoft MicroArt is an icon editor in which you can create your own icons, cursors, or animated cursors. You can either paint your icons from scratch or you can extract an icon from any file in the system or even grab one from the screen. 
With Brixoft Avimate you will be able to create your own animations. The AVI files you create can then be used in your own applications, games, or presentations. 
Brixoft ImpreZip tools collection is not just a freeware winzip clone. It's also a collection of objects you can use to add zip and unzip support to your own applications.