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The following products are available:
Source Edit
Add-in Editor

Product information can be found here.

Download Source Edit 4.0
More syntax highlighters

Source Edit version 4.0 is now released it contains the following new features:

  • Ability to create Add-Ins. Miss a feature in Source Edit? Now stop waiting for the next version and create it yourself using the BML language or get SE Aid (the Source Edit Add-In Editor).

  • Use the new Code Publisher to create a HTML document out of your source code. Ready to be published on the Net or to be used in your documentation. The HTML document will show your code with full syntax highlighting. A great feature created by Brian Newtz especially for Source Edit.

  • New Insert Special feature. Copy the character at the current column position from the previous line or copy the whole previous line from the current caret position. This makes it very easy to create multiple lines containing almost the same text.

  • Word wrap at user defined column position with optional vertical line. On popular demand I've decided to add this feature even though I personally don't like word wrapping in a code editor. However if you need to just read a regular text document it makes it a lot easier. The vertical line can optionally be turned on without wrapping the text if you want.

  • Find matching braces, an often asked for feature that is now available.

  • Improved Code Completion. The code completion list will now not only contain keywords, entities, and such from the language definition file. It will also quickly parse the current document and add words you've already typed. That way things like, for example, declared variables are added to the list.

  • The Tools Configuration dialog box has been redesigned. It is now not only used for adding user tools to the environment. It is now also used to add the Add-Ins you create.

  • You can now completly close the Toolbox window not only "unpin" it. The unpin or auto-hide feature still exist though.

Product information can be found here.

SE Aid is shareware and you can download and try the fully functional 15 day trial program.
If you want to use it after this trial period you need to register it.
Download SE Aid

Version 1.0 of the Source Edit Add-In Editor is available and contains the following feature:

  • Easy drag & drop interface for creating BML files.
  • All actions organized in a tree view.
  • The property dialog box let you set all the properties of an action using a VB look-a-like property list.
  • Move actions up or down with one mouse click.
  • The editor let you view the raw source code or an easy to read visual code.
  • Optional line numbers.
  • Word wrap.
  • Easily disable/enable an action for testing purposes.
  • Print preview of the BML source code.
  • Access the BML header through the document properties dialog box.
  • Test run a script in Source Edit directly from the SE Aid environment.
  • Automatic indenting of actions inside scoops for easy reading.
  • Context sensitive help file for all actions and their properties.

Product information can be found here.

Download EzQuery

Version 1.5 is available for free and contains the following features:

  • Easily create a new connection to any OLEDB database through the Data Link dialog box.
  • Stores all old connection with a discriptive name which makes it even easier to reconnect to an already created connection.
  • Editor with syntax highlighing for the SQL code.
  • Copy the connection string to the Clipboard.
  • Able to run a part of the SQL query by selecting only the part you want to run.