About File Courier

File Courier is a full fledged FTP client application that comes free with Brixoft Source Edit. Its main window is split into two panes. The left pane shows your local file system while the right pane shows the files on the remote FTP server.

One nice feature with File Courier is that you have the option to sync your folder browsing. This means that if you for example have a local copy of a remote directory structure then you would normally have to browse both the local and remote side to the correct folder before you can up- or download a file to the correct directory. But if you use the "Sync Folder Browsing" option the remote side will change directory when you change the current directory on the local side, or the other way around.

Other options include:
  • File extension convertion. If you for example use *.htm on your local system but the remote side requires *.html the files can automatically be renamed on transfer.
  • Automatic transfer mode detection, Binary or ASCII.
  • Ability to convert file name to lower case during upload
  • Transferred files that already exist in the destination folder can either be overwritten or File Courier can prompt you for a new name
  • Transfer log can be saved
The source code is available.