About HexSource

Source Edit is shipped with a hex editor called HexSource. This editor is based on frhed (the Free Hex Editor) originally created by Raihan Kibria.

Frhed is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and because of that our implementation, HexSource must also be distributed under the same license. So you can download the full C++ source code from the Tips & Resources page. The source comes with a Visual C++ 6.0 project and workspace.

HexSource has some slight changes compared to the original frhed editor. However both the original frhed and HexSource can coexist without disturbing each other mainly because HexSource use another registry key to save it's settings. This key will be removed if you uninstall Source Edit.

Some of the features of HexSource

  • Native 32 bit Windows application: long filenames supported, editable file size limited only by available system memory.
  • Small program size, loads fast.
  • Cut, copy & paste binary values.
  • Syntax for describing byte, word, longword, float and double binary values in text form to use with find and paste functions.
  • Directly enter hexadecimal values or text in main window (overwrite or insert).
  • Compare files.
  • Find/Replace any combination of text and binary values.
  • Bit manipulation.
  • Export as hexdump to file or clipboard.
  • Automatically adjust bytes displayed per hexdump line to window width, or set bytes per line manually.
  • Choose font size, character set (ANSI or OEM), colors of text and background.
  • Intel or Motorola binary format.
  • Can be used as "Send to"-Target.
  • Set bookmarks to easily access offsets in the file.
  • Load files partially.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • Apply binary templates for structured information.
  • Hard disk sector read access.
  • Cryptography support.
  • Launch the current opened file using its associated application.