With the Source Edit Add-In Editor AKA SE Aid you can create add-ins for Source Edit in a snap.

SE Aid is not a regular text editor. It has a simple "click on" or "drag & drop" interface that will help you create BML files (the file format used for add-in files) in a fraction of the time it would take if you coded it by hand.

You don't even need to understand how the BML language is constructed to create add-ins with SE Aid. The Actions dialog box will show a short description of each action when you add it to the script and you also have direct access to the help file for more information if you need it.

With a simple click on the Run button SE Aid will run the script in Source Edit which makes testing much easier.

You can also easily disable or enable actions, for testing purposes, with a click of a button.

In SE Aid the BML files are also very easy to read since it has a visual mode that in plain english shows what each action you have added does. You have, of course, also the ability to view the raw BML code if you want to.

SE Aid is distributed as shareware and you can download a fully functional version and use it for 15 days. If you want to use the program after this trial period you need to register it.