What is Brixoft EzQuery?

Brixoft EzQuery is a, quick and easy to use, SQL query tool that can be used against any OLEDB database. You simply create a connection using the familiar Data Links dialog box and then store that with a discriptive name. EzQuery will remember all your old connections for easy access.

What other features does it have?

  • A syntax highlighting editor for typing in your queries.
  • You can easily copy the current Connection String.
  • Run only a part of a complex query by highlighting the part you want to run.
  • A central storage for all the connections you've made.
  • Works with any OLEDB or ODBC database.

Any requirements?

To be able to run Brixoft EzQuery you must have MDAC installed on your computer. The latest version of MDAC is available for free from Microsoft.