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Can you tell me if Source Edit is still being maintained, bug fixed etc.


7/17/2012 6:52:48 AMQuote    Edit/Delete
Joacim Andersson
I do not actively develop Source Edit anymore.
12/1/2012 9:36:28 AMQuote    Edit/Delete
Joacim Andersson
I wanted to return to this question to clarify a few things. It's true that I don't actively develop Source Edit, as you know it, anymore. The reason is that the source code is to old and it was developed in VB6 which isn't supported by Microsoft anymore.

I am however currently rewriting Source Edit from the ground up. So I hope to relaunch Source Edit as a brand new product very soon. However the new version will not be backward compatible with the current version, so it will not be able to read your current settings or syntax highlighter files. But the new version will be much more stable, have a new fresh look (while still being recognizable) and more importantly it will work on Windows 8.

It will also support a much asked for feature for Source Edit, namely mixed syntax highlighters. So for example in a HTML file the HTML part will use one highlighter while JavaScript inside the document will be highlighted as JavaScript. This is also true for languages like PHP or classic ASP where you have even more mixture of languages in the same document.

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12/12/2012 12:31:37 PMQuote    Edit/Delete
Hi Joacim

I'm thrilled to hear that you are working a new version for win 7/8. I hope that column editing will behave the same way in the new version. No other editor implements column editing the way source edit does. I absolutely love being able to <cntr> drag several lines and then type the same text on all those lines, i have to do that a lot in verilog.
12/14/2012 4:21:49 PMQuote    Edit/Delete
Joacim Andersson
I might have to disappoint you on that particular feature. Column selection will still work but I haven't implemented the zero column selection (yet). Since this is a complete rewrite of Source Edit from the ground up I've concentrated my efforts to get all the major features that exist in Source Edit 4 into the new version, such as the Code Publisher, Code Templates, FTP support and so on.

I also wanted to expand on a few features that is missing in the current version and that was very hard to implement into the old source code. Such as syntax highlighting for nested languages (such as PHP where you might mix HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code in the same code file), color code printing, better regular expression support in search & replace, support for SFTP, simplify the Tools Configuration dialog, and so on...

I also want to make it faster and more stable when working with large files.

Of course the end goal is that there shouldn't be any features that's missing in the new version that existed in the old, unless there is a very good reason for scratching that particular feature. However at the same time I want to be able to release this new shiny version as soon as possible. So what I'm going to do, just like I did when I released the first version of SE is to release cumulative updates every month or so.

I hope I can release the new version in January, but it depends a bit since I also really need to redesign this site. In any case it will be released soon and with it will come two other new exciting products.

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