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using SourceEdit with autoIT

I am not a programmer but a writer and am interested in using AutoIT with a method to help me translate my English texts into German.
I have created the support framework for the translation process and now want to automate it.
The process shows a user how to create correct texts in a source language and then using a set of rules translate the texts into a target language.
Thus i want to use AutoIT to create scripts that will allow the re-sequencing of words in sentences from the source to the target.
I would also want to create word-lists as dictionaries in list-views with AutoIt.
Are both of these tasks doable with using sourceEdit to write my AutoIT
I would also like to know if SourceEdit can be used to write BASIC and not VisualBASIC?
Do you still offer the version of XML which I think was called BML?
Thank you and kind regards Patrick Forkin
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