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Xiaohan is the monito

Xiaohan is the monitor of our class. She has a pair of bright, big eyes, and her short hair is tied into two "sky caps."very clever impression on the teachers and classmates. But when she was playing the game, she didn't have the spirit of class, but she looked very pitiful and unlucky.mber one afternoon, I went to He Chengjia with Wang Xueye and Xiaohan. We are going to make a game - "Touching the Cat" Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, first determine who is "cat" through the stone scissors cloth, and then cover his eyes with a red scarf. After turning around the front and back, the "cat" begins to touch. "The mouse", the red light stops, the green light runs, the yellow light runs, and the "cat" catches the "mouse" and alsoscissors cloth! Ye!" We won, the Xiaohan is "cat"! He Cheng helped Xiaohan to tie the red scarf, Xiaohan turned left three times Newport Short Cigareetes, turned right three times, before... "Ah!" Xiaohan was unlucky, fell and screamed. "Red light!" Two minutes have not yet arrived, Xiaohan deprived us of our freedom, fortunately I was ready in bed. Xiao Han walked toward the curtains, just walked to the corner of the bed, "Bao", she mixed into the bed, swooping to the bed, sore "��Ӵ! Hey!" I and Wang Xueye "snapped" and laughed. "Oh!" Xiaohan just got up from the bed and slammed into the hard wall on the left, making us laugh and cry. Xiaohan continued to walk toward the curtains. When he wanted to touch the flat head, He Cheng, unexpectedly slipped and fell in front of He Cheng. She cried "wow". "Xiaohan, why don't you give me a New Year! I don't have a lucky money! Hahaha!" He Cheng said with a smile. Xiaohan was angry. He pulled off the red scarf in one hand and shouted angrily: "Don't play! It's bad luck!" We said that we broke our belly and tried to comfort her. I am happy with my family at the same table. The number of times we quarrel every day is countless, and it is often irritating for some trivial things The "World War" has begun againaper you throw yourself is not allowed to exceed the 38th line." The same table is still in the law, and it has been said hundreds of times. Pity my ears are listening to the old man, es. "Get the paper up!" It started again, my God, my God, save me. He is quite relaxed, playing on the side, I am not angry with one place Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. Suddenly, I took the opportunity to think of a trick. I didn't say anything, I picked up the paper on the floor Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, and of course included him. He met, dressed as an adult, said: "Not bad, children, doing a good job!" After school, the students are sorting out the schoolbags, he suddenly shouted: "Who is who throws paper into my bag Inside?" My heart is dark and happy: This can only blame you for asking for it, not giving you a look at the color, not knowing my power. Looking at his impaeen us. Not long ago, the school came to sell flowers, I bought a few lovely daffodils out of curiosity. Somehow, I was discovered by Huang Qiang. He blinked his eyes and said with no good intentions: "Oh! Xu kittens buy flowers, I told the teacher to go." I am not a Xu kitten, I will ignore you. It! But he immediately turned his eyes and asked me to say, "Give me a look, just look at it." "No!" He smiled and said: "Look at it, please." "No, no, who is you?" What about boys?" He actually pretended to be a girl and said: "Xu Xiaoru, show me something." I ignored him. He whispered: "Little devil, don't show it to me, walk around, er's criticism, and hurriedly said Huang Qiang: "You don't cry, the teacher is coming." He looked up and said pitifully: "Don't tell the teacher Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping." I feel inexplicable, how can I stop telling the teacher? This should be what I said to him! Hey, anyway, I have nothing to do, what do you do? But now I always feel that I should say:
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