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Analyzing cornerback Casey Hayward Josh Allen look

Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Chargers: his first regular season NFL game after it was unanimously decided that Nathan Peterman experiments violated several parts of the Geneva Conventions. This marks the second year in a row where the Buffalo Bills will test a rookie quarterback against the Los Angeles Chargers. In order to avoid a repeat of those results Womens Zay Jones Jersey , Josh Allen would be wise to do plenty of homework on the opposition. Where to start? Why not two-time Pro Bowler and two-time Nathan Peterman intercepting cornerback Casey Hayward? Play 1The Chargers asked Case Hayward to work in man coverage quite a bit, but weren’t shy with zone concepts either (like we have here). Hayward passes off his first man cleanly and is right on to the next. There’s a slight pause before driving forward, but Hayward closes quickly once he commits. A nice open field tackle ensures there’s no YAC. Play 2And here’s some of that man coverage. The receiver adds a little hesitation to the middle of the route, before cutting to the outside. Casey Hayward recovers well. In neither type of coverage would Hayward typically be considered an elite talent, but his versatility is a huge asset for the Chargers. Play 3Hayward isn’t afraid to get physical and jams with force on this snap. Note though that it’s his opponent, Terrance Williams who appears to win the contest of physics. Despite being knocked back a bit from the contact, Hayward rapidly recovers and breaks up the pass. Play 4Hayward is again willing to mix it up Womens Kyle Williams Jersey , this time engaging to seal off the outside so the runner can’t race by. Hayward drives his man back and even more importantly understands where his teammate is and helps steer the play while engaged with a blocker. Play 5Despite the willingness to play physically, sometimes Hayward is simply outmatched. While this play was a penalty for the record, Hayward is thrown down by his opponent. While this was one of the more egregious instances of being manhandled, stronger offensive players will have success muscling Hayward. Play 6This isn’t included to rub salt in the wounds, but rather as a point of interest for Bills fans (as is the next GIF). Arguably there should have been a flag, but beyond that the interception is solely as a result of Hayward’s ability to track the ball. What makes this impressive is that Casey Hayward is blanketing his man (even after the penalty) but still knows exactly where the ball is. Play 7Finally, we have situational awareness as another positive of Casey Hayward. Lined up in man coverage , he sees Nathan Peterman commit to the throw immediately. Hayward understands the low risk in going for the ball with this pass and times it up beautifully.Report: Philadelphia Eagles made trade inquiry for Buffalo Bills’ LeSean McCoy One question that swirled as the Buffalo Bills embarked on a season with low expectations was what would happen with star running back LeSean McCoy. With a shuffled offense, a rookie quarterback, and a losing season ahead (not to mention several alleged civil incidents that came up in the offseason), people were wondering if McCoy could be traded at some point.Now we can believe at least one team is exploring the option, with WIVB’s Josh Reed reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles have reached out to Buffalo discussing trading McCoy back to the team where he grew into an NFL star (and where he’s the all-time leading rusher). The Eagles, who defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last year, are currently scuffling at 2-3 and lost their starting runner Jay Ajayi to a torn ACL.If the Bills are to be persuaded to trade McCoy Womens John Miller Jersey , they have to decide that the return value is worth the cost of losing the one star player on their offense. McCoy’s production, experience, and gameday mentality are all positive attributes that would help Josh Allen’s development in his rookie season. Can the Eagles (or another team) offer enough to offset that loss? Would they be willing to, for a 30 year old running back on a career-worst rushing pace?Philadelphia has an extra second round pick available, and are projected to receive fourth and sixth round compensatory picks from free agent departures like Trey Burton and Beau Allen. How high would they be willing to go?There’s also a salary implication to any trade discussion, though the impact is much lower than it would’ve been a year ago. Right now, the Bills owe McCoy just under $9 million for the season. If they trade him , it would accelerate an additional $2.625M of his signing bonus onto Buffalo’s 2018 salary cap as dead money. However, the team would save around $4 million from McCoy’s remaining 2018 salary, plus $6.425M in 2019, by not needing to pay McCoy’s salary anymore. The team to trade for McCoy would owe him those sums.Update: Anthony Gargano, a radio host in Philadelphia, reported that the Bills have started negotiations by asking for a second and a third round pick in exchange for McCoy.
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