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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didnít talk to rep

orters after last nightís loss to Washington.Thatís not news in most markets , but Jones loves holding court, and since heís the guy in charge, thereís always plenty of people ready to listen.Now, his sudden reticence is a thing.One of the hosts of his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan tweeted out word that Jones had canceled his regular Tuesday appearance on the station.The team stayed over in Washington for a field trip today, which may complicate travel arrangements. But last we checked, Jones has a cell phone Cheap Terrance Williams Jersey , which would enable him to talk from any location if he felt like it.He canít be thrilled about being 3-4, after a dubious penalty. But the trade deadline is also looming, and his inclination to make a splash often has to be curbed by those closest to (and related to) him. And the status of coach Jason Garrett has also been a recent talking point, with Jones denying that heís working on an extension.Or, maybe he has a dentist appointment. Who knows? What we do know is that he loves talking, and heís now turned down two prime opportunities to do just that. It wasnít exactly an explosive stat line that will be featured on SportsCenter or anything. In fact , the numbers were pretty ordinary. In his first game with the Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper caught five passes for 58 yards and one touchdown. Wide receivers, even pedestrian ones, turn in that kind of line on a regular basis around the NFL.So while weíre not going to say that the trade of a first-round pick was worth it just yet, we will say that Cooper was the Cowboys best receiver on the field and looks like he can produce, as long as his quarterback and offensive coordinator help him along. Jerry Jones was pleased with Cooperís first game.Dak Prescott called him a mismatch.Cooper played roughly 80% of the offensive snaps Youth Byron Jones Jersey , which is impressive in itself considering he just arrived with the team two weeks ago. The Cowboys lined Cooper up in various spots during the game, on the outside and in the slot along with moving to the right and left sides of the formation. Cooper had eight targets on the game, and that was a team-high but for this offense to get going they may have to feed him more. Except when heís double-covered in the end zone. At that point, Dak Prescott, you may want to check it down to the open guy or at least throw it out of the back of the end zone.Cooper is quick getting in and out of his breaks during a route. He looks like Cole Beasley, only bigger. Check out the footwork and quickness in tight spaces on these routes.There was enough from Amari Cooper in this game to believe that he can be a weapon on offense and justify the trade down the road. The issue isnít Cooper Cheap Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , but those around him. Dak Prescott, Scott Linehan and Jason Garrett are the guys that can hold Cooper back. If they donít improve quickly, it will be Cooper catching passes and listening to play-calls from different people in the not-so-distant Cowboys future. Custom Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys
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