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Warning! Some tips requires you to edit the Windows Registry. You should always be carefull when you do this and make sure you have a copy before doing so. The publisher of Source Edit will not take any responsibility for any damages these tips might cause to your system.

How to use Source Edit as the View Source editor in Internet Explorer

If you have Internet Explorer 5 or higher and want to use Source Edit to be the HTML code viewer instead of Notepad when you click the View Source command on the View menu then follow the following steps.

Since IE 5 was released you may set which editor is used for the View Source command.
However this will only work with editors that allows spaces in the command line. Most editors doesn't allow that but Source Edit does.

To change what editor is used you have to edit the Windows registry. Start RegEdit and create the following key (if it doesn't exists):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name

In the default value for this key specify the path to SrcEdit.exe usually:
C:\Program Files\Source Edit\SrcEdit.exe

Thats it, have fun!

Written by: Joacim AnderssonMore tips...