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Warning! Some tips requires you to edit the Windows Registry. You should always be carefull when you do this and make sure you have a copy before doing so. The publisher of Source Edit will not take any responsibility for any damages these tips might cause to your system.

How to add Source Edit to the context menu of Windows Explorer

Have you ever wanted to be able to add Source Edit to the context menu of Windows Explorer? Just as you might have an Add to ZIP command on the menu when you right click a file.

The true way of doing this is to create a Context Menu Handler, but Source Edit doesn't currently provide such a handler. There is however an other way to do this.

Before you continue with this I would like to add a small warning. This tip might cause some unpredicted issues. If you're using the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar I don't recommend you trying out this tip.

For those of you that want to try this out start the RegEdit utility and create the following key:
For the default value of this key type in the text as you want it to appear on the context menu. For example:
&Source Edit
By setting an ampursand before a letter in the text Windows Explorer will underline that letter.

Now create a new subkey and name it command:
Set the default value for this key to the path of SrcEdit.exe followed by a space and %1
For example:
c:\Program Files\SourceEdit\SrcEdit.exe %1
The %1 part will be replaced by Explorer to the path and name of the file you have right clicked on.

Written by: Joacim AnderssonMore tips...