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Warning! Some tips requires you to edit the Windows Registry. You should always be carefull when you do this and make sure you have a copy before doing so. The publisher of Source Edit will not take any responsibility for any damages these tips might cause to your system.

Do a quick search with Source Edit

You can do a quick search in a file without bringing up the Find dialog box. This is an excellent feature to for example find a procedure or function in a large file.

Open the Tools|Options dialog box and switch to the Keyboard tab. In the Command list locate the FindNextWord and the FindPrevWord commands. If you don't already have any shortcuts defined for these commands assign one now (default is Ctrl+F3 and Ctrl+Shift+F3).

You can now use these shortcuts to find the next or previous occurrence of the selected text or the word the text caret is currently placed in.

Written by: Joacim AnderssonMore tips...