Tips & Resources

On this page you will find various tips & resources. Syntax highlighters should be placed in the LANG subfolder of where you have Source Edit installed. If Source Edit is running simply open and close the Language Editor (found on the Tools menu) to load the new highlighter.

If you have created a new syntax highlighter for a language or if you have a special tip that you use with Source Edit then please e-mail them to me on: TNR (a)

TipsDescriptionWritten by
 How to use Source Edit as the View Source editor in Internet ExplorerJoacim Andersson
 How to add Source Edit to the context menu of Windows ExplorerJoacim Andersson
 Short tutorial on how to use the Tools Configuration dialog boxJoacim Andersson
 Quick start-up of Source Edit from the Run dialog boxJoacim Andersson
 Change the start up directory of Source EditJoacim Andersson
 Do a quick search with Source EditJoacim Andersson

Files Description Created by
4680Basic.zip4680 Basic
Syntax highlighter for IBM 4680 Basic
Susheel John
Syntax highlighter for 4D databases
David Jacobs
8086Assembler.zip8086 Assembler
Syntax highlighter for primarily A86 assembler but can also be used as the base for any other flavour of 8086 Assembler.
Thor Snekkestad
80C196ASM.zip80C196 ASM
Syntax highlighter for Intel 80C196
Fábio de Freitas Caetano
A4D.zipActive 4D
Syntax highlighter for Active 4D
Leigh Riffel
Syntax highlighter for action script used with Flash MX.
Peter Pauen
Small program that converts Windows Ansi characters to OEM characters. If you need to use DOS specific characters in a file edited with SE use this little app to convert it. The program takes a file as a command line argument and converts it (the origional file is renamed to *.old, test.txt > test.txt.old).
You can create a user tool, using the Tools Configuration dialog box, to make the conversion directly from SE.

Command Line: c:\thePath\Ansi2Dos.exe $(FullName)
Joacim Andersson
Ansys.zipAnsys 6.0
Syntax highlighter for Ansys 6.0 (*.lgw; *.inp; *.mac)
Fernando Batista
ASCX.zipASP.Net user control
Syntax highlighter for ASP.Net User Controls (*.ascx files)
Peter Bereczky
ASP.NET.config.zipConfiguration highlighter for ASP.Net
This is a syntax highlighter for ASP.Net configuration files (*.config files)
Peter Bereczky
Syntax highlighter with mixed HTML and ASP (VBScript) support
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for ASP.Net pages (*.aspx files)
Peter Bereczky
Syntax highlighter for AutoIt scripts.
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for AutoLisp
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for DOS Batch files.
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for BHT-BASIC. The language used for programming BHT barcode readers/terminals
Marco Pontello
BlitzBasic.zipBlitz Basic
Syntax highlighter for Blitz Basic.
ClarifyClearBasic.zipClarify Clear Basic
Syntax highlighter for Clarify Clear Basic. The zip file comes with an example source file.
Marius Stelzl
Syntax highlighter for Cobol 85
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for C# that contains more keywords then the built in version.
Justin Russell
D.zipD syntax highlighter
Syntax highlighter for D.
Jason Woods
Syntax highlighter for dBase and dB2K (*.cc;*.cfm;*.crp;*.mnu;*.pop;*.prg;*.rep;*.wfm;)
Rick Miller
Syntax highlighter for Delphi 5.
Rodney Nicholls
Small application that can be used as a shell for WinDiff or other file comparison program. I developed this to be used as a user tool for launching the comparison application by only specifing the first file on the command line.
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for Euphoria.
Gabriel Boehme
The source code for HexSource, the hex editor that's shipped with Source Edit. It comes with a Visual C++ 6.0 project.
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for HLA, High Level Assembler (
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for IBasic version 1.96
Brian Cavers
Syntax highlighter for IBasic version 1.97
Brian Cavers
Syntax highlighter for MS Interface Definition Language (IDL)
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for Inform, the language used for adventure games,
Roger Firth
ini.zipINI file
Syntax highlighter for INI files
Joacim Andersson
ISPF_Edit_Macros.zipISPF Edit Macros
Syntax highlighter for Mainframe ISPF Edit macros
Harold DeWayne
Syntax highlighter for JavaScript.
Martin Wallace
Syntax highlighter for IBM Mainframe JCL
Harold DeWayne
Syntax highlighter for KiXtart
Knut Torgersen
Syntax highlighter for LaTeX
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for MapBasic
Lars Nielsen
Syntax highlighter for MatLab version (R12.1)
Joacim Andersson
MEL.zipMaya MEL scripts.
Syntax highlighter for Maya MEL scripts.
Frank Firsching
MK.zipMK Manufacturing
Syntax highlighter for MK Manufacturing version 8.1 7 BASE. All keywords, operators, control structures, predefined variables, program sections, and enumerations for all packages are included.
Brian Newtz
Nios_ASM.zipAltera Nios ASM
Syntax highlighter for Altera Nios processor assembly language.
Bryan Castleberry
Syntax highlighter for GNU Octave.
Randy Gober
OLGA.zipOLGA 2000
Syntax highlighter for OLGA 2000
Torgeir Vanvik
Alternative syntax highlighter for PHP
Christian Dahlqvist
PIC.zipMicrochip PIC
Syntax highlighter for Microchip PIC
Peter Gallagher
Syntax highlighter for Python.
Jake Roberts
Syntax highlighter for R, an open source statistical programming environment.
Remko Duursma
RapidQBasic.zipRapidQ Basic
Syntax highlighter for RapidQ Basic
Stéphan Boulinguez
Syntax Highlighter for RedCode (as per the ICWS-86 specs)
Marco Pontello
RgbMixer.zipRGB Mixer
One of the most popular features in Source Edit (since ver 3.0 was released) is the RGB Mixer so I desided to release it as a stand-alone application. This file requires the VB6 runtime files and the MSCOMCTL.OCX which you have if you have installed Source Edit already.

This is a quick and simple tool to get the hex color code of any color that you mix together by moving the red, green, and blue sliders. It will copy the hex color code to the clipboard when you hit the Copy button and you can then paste the code into any editor.
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for Ruby.
Function pattern:
^[ \t]*def[ \t].*
Srecko Howard
RUNiba.zipIBasic Build and Run
This ZIP file contains everything you'll need to build and run IBasic source files from Source Edit (except for the actual IBasic environment which is available from here).
Brian Cavers
Shell.zipUnix Shell Scripts
Syntax highlighter for Korn Shell (and others) Unix Shell scripts
Guillaume Fouillet
SuperBasic.zipSinclair QL SuperBasic
Syntax highlighter for Sinclair QL SuperBasic that handles most of the toolkit functions and commands.
Phoebus Dokos and Jimmy Montesinos
Syntax highlighter for Tcl/Tk.
Jared Woodbridge
Syntax highlighter for VB.Net
Peter Bereczky
Syntax highlighter for VBScript and Window Script Components.
James Hutton
Verilog.zipVerilog HDL
Verilog HDL - A Hardware Description Language
Robert Gach
Syntax highlighter for VHDL (Very high speed Hardware Description Language).
Joacim Andersson
Syntax highlighter for WinBatch.
Ray Hricik
VisualDialogScript.zipVisual DialogScript
Syntax highlighter for Visual DialogScript
Robert Olsen